Bella Lucia Photography | Blog It! Set 3

Kellene Maynard of Bella Lucia Photography sent in these awesome samples of her blog it's in action – don't you love these unique & modern bridal poses! Be sure to scroll down and check out the pic with the reflection of the bridal party – it is super cool! I especially love the contrast between the modern photography and the "old timey" frames – Bravo! Kellene said,
I absolutely LOVE these blog templates! They add so much to my branding and they really catch the eye of my blog followers. These are some recent images from my first bridal shoot-out! Be sure to check out my website: www.bellaluciaphotography.com


  1. They look incredible! Thanks for posting them! Be sure to stop by my website! www.bellaluciaphotography.com

  2. Awesome Job. Kellene rocks the camera!