Nicole Tarver | Fun Frames & Birthday Book

You've just got to love kids! Nicole Tarver of Steve Tarver Photography sent in these SUPER FUN samples of our "Blog It Fun Frames" – and she also sent in some great samples from a birthday party book she customized and made for her daughter using our Birthday Party templates.

NOTE: Our "Birthday Party" templates are currently getting a make-over and are not available on the site. If you would like to see/purchase the old version of these templates, you can do that HERE.

Nicole said,
I think you may have removed this item from your site...luckily I snagged it before you did. This is my daughters birthday book, but since I designed it, I've sold more and more of these types of sessions. So maybe you'll bring this back or maybe a new and improved version. Awesome ideas!!!

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  1. I KNEW I wasn't crazy! =) When will the new version be available? Because if it's soon, then I'd like to wait to purchase the new one, If it'll be a while, I'll buy the old one. Please let me know. =)