Nicki Kristof Photography | Lots of Stuff!

These amazing samples were sent in by Nicki of Nicki Kristof Photography, and we are just blown away over here by her creativeness!!!

First is an "Oh Baby" image box that she converted to "girl" colors - how sweet is that!! (and they're displayed in the "Blog It Set 3 frames) Then you have got to see the two ads she made to show off 2 of the new wedding card sets, just amazing! She also sent in her OH SO SWEET "lots o pics" business card . . . love . . . Nicki said,
I love how easy ALL your templates are to modify/customize!! Living in South Florida, I do many beach sessions and beach weddings... These are PERFECT!!! Love the business card templates!! I love being able to show of SO MANY pictures simply :O)

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